Pineapple farmers on a sticky wicket as price plummets

January 1st, 2018 | APTSO EXPORTS™ | Tags:
Kerala’s more than 4,000 pineapple farmers are going through a dark festive season with the price of the fruit falling steep and fast over the past couple of months, a development farmers have described as unprecedented and holding out serious consequences for the future of the crop.
The price has ruled low and ranged between Rs16 and Rs17 a kg for the best quality raw fruit, said Baby John, a veteran pineapple farmer. He said that an average price of rs20 a kg would have made the business break even considering that only about 50 to 60% of the normal produce is in the best quality ‘A’ category.
Combined with dwindling demand in markets outside the State, high retail price has added to the woes of farmers. Retail price of pineapple has ranged between Rs40 and Rs 50 a kg on an average across Kerala and in some of the markets like Bengaluru. The high retail price of pineapple means that there is less movement of the fruit during a season in which other fruits such as apple and orange too vie for their share in the market.
Mr. John said that pineapple being an all-season fruit, people preferred to buy seasonal fruits such as apple and orange during the winter season.

Source: The Hindu

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