Army Worm Pests That threaten Crops … There is a solution in nature!

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In North America and Africa, the pest is known as the Farm Orme Worm, which threatens farmers and enters into India and threatens farmers. Based on a study conducted by the Indian Agricultural Research Council in July in Karnataka, the organization has issued a notice. "In North America, Corn hits pests Fall armyworm the insect's scientific name  (Spodoptera frugiperda). The North American pest species. Africa 2016, since it continued to spread. Since then the African subcontinent 30 million people's staple crop sorghum's yield large influence Pattatu.

This pest is found in Karnataka for the first time in Asia. In the Shimoga district of Karnataka, the incidence of insect pests was higher than ever before. This results in the randomness of crops production. This insect does not hit only the cornstarch. There is a risk of attacking more than a hundred essential food crops including vegetables, rice, and sugarcane. The spread of the spread to other parts of the country and neighboring countries is also very fast. Thus, farmers need to be cautious. Otherwise, it is bad.

nature solution to agri crops
Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the states that have been experiencing these insect attacks in Karnataka after India in Karnataka. Therefore, agricultural scientists and farmers in these states need to be careful about the attack. If you find a different impact on crops, they are requested to inform the nearby Agricultural Officer.

nature solution to agri crops

Spodoptera frugiperda larva (fall armyworm) on Maize

Speaking at the Tamilnadu Agricultural University, we have started experimentation with the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore... Additionally, the study by the end of this insect's existence is confirmed by the appropriate defensive measures to all District Agricultural Officers by the farmers will be informed. This spread under control to bring the technical facilities of us are also available. For more information, go to access the fields, "he said firmly.



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